The other side of Education – Dr.Kishorekumar


Every Sunday night 10:30pm to 11pm I dedicate the 30 mins in watching Dr.Kishorekumar’s program “The other side of education” in Vijay TV.

This is one of my fav. program and Dr. is simply great, his voice, the tone, the message, the language – I admire him soo much.

I love teaching and teaching always been very very close to my heart, not sure it is due to the reason that my parents are teachers.

I have been watching this program for many many weeks and I really enjoy it, even though the intended audiences are students many times, I used to take away a lot of message for me.

Today the topic was “The chemistry of Parenting”, wow! it could not have been a better timing than this…my daughter is of 7 months and I could able to learn a lot from today’s session…How a father and mother influences the life of the child…what kind of chemistry they pass on to the child, right from discipline to connecting with relatives to knowledge…

I don’t see this program is only for students or only parents, but for everyone. So next time if you get a chance, please watch… this program comes right after “Neeya Naana”…

I salute Dr.Kishorekumar for all his efforts in helping student community! I hope I will get a chance to meet Dr.Kishorekumar one day!!!

Dr. , All the very BEST for all your efforts.


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  1. 1

    Suresh said,

    Dear Partha
    I have seen 3 or more episodes of him even though it was a promo for St Johns International,Many time I felt I didn”t hv such a mentor during my school days, if only its telecast on Sunday Prime time says Visus or Rajendars Arattai Arangam, the benefit of his experience, teaching skills,Guidelines will reach
    Far and wide ..
    Suresh Qbex Consultants

  2. 2

    Kadhiresan.R said,

    Please give me your address (or) Phone Number

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