Feeling helpless!

When the whole of India casting their votes, people like me sitting idle at home watching TV with a feeling of helplessness.

We CAN’T vote, due to the fact that we are still a migrated labours living in Chennai. Most of the fellow IT people situation across Chennai and Bangalore is the same. We are not in our home town where we have the registration and even have a Voter ID card.

Can we travel to our home town to vote? Tough, many reasons. I am not justifying though!

1. Too far away – for me it is more than 500+ kms
2. Summer vacation – already trains and buses are full: tough to get ticket
3. Mid of the week – for just one day, it is hard to travel and come back & resume work
4. At this time of recession & cost cut, we are not afford it for just one day etc.

We could’ve registered locally, but we had to cancel our home town registration which we don’t want to loose – that’s one of the key address proof. Also to get a Voter ID in Chennai, we need address proof and for many of us stay in rented houses and mansions, it is highly impossible.

I think we, IT or migrated work force is more than 30% (exact figure not sure) of Chennai population are not being allowed to vote even if we have a wish at our bottom of the heart.

Few questions to the government:

1. I can buy ticket for any train any station – in fact I can buy ticket from anywhere in the world
2. I can withdraw my money across India – any ATM
3. I can pay my mobile bill across anywhere in India
4. I can pay my EB bill online anywhere in the world
I can do many such things and the location doesn’t matter. Why not for VOTING?

I have Voter ID card and why not I walk into any poll centre and show my card and cast my vote? Is that too tough technically? I don’t think so.

Whether the politicians deliberately don’t want to do? Little clue I have.

Anyway as a citizen of this country, I have to say to my country
“sorry, I couldn’t do my duty today”.


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