Lack of human respect! India culture?

I was reading a wonderful post by my CEO about “Corporate Governance” and how the heads of Government offices and heads of states should be accountable.

She ends with saying, “As a nation lets make ourselves accountable to our actions everywhere – whether it is house, office or government. If this becomes our way of life, that will be the Golden period of modern India. I pray for this to happen soon.” – True!

Last 1 month, I (my wife and father too) was going thru’ such an amount of bad experiences in 3 different government offices. All they lack was any kind of basic kindness towards fellow human beings.

Starting with BSNL, my application for a simple connection and broadband was pending for more than 1 year and in between they had given WLL after 6 months. Even in the WLL there was a charge of Rs.250/- for Internet which I could never use for a single byte! Till now I am not sure whether that WLL had a connectivity at all. After going to PG (Public Grievances), nothing really moved. Finally I got the connection and BB (after 20days) last week. My father went to Keelkattalai exchange few times during the process and because of my complaints to the PG, the people in the BSNL office didn’t show any respect! (may be my expectation of good behaviour to a 60+ year, 30 year government school head master was wrong!)

Next with EB, for a name transfer. When I bought my new apartment, my builder missed EB connection name transfer for me alone in that 28 houses apartment. You can’t imagine the number of documents you had to submit for this process! After all these docs, EB was asking for a property tax proof. Since this is a new apartment, even the first assessment and payment is yet to happen. So I didn’t have that at all. Even this is applicable to all other 28 apartments also, not sure how they did the name transfer!? May be a wrong question!!! Now after my father’s frequent visits to EB office, finally they have accepted the application forms and I am waiting for the transfer to happen. Hoping sooner !

Now comes the GAS connection. Government relaxed the rule for applying for a new gas connection saying, there is no need for a ration card. An immigrant worker like me from south tamilnadu to chennai, this was a great news. I applied with Indane – Local dealer Prarthana @ moovarasempet immediately. I showed all proof that have asked for and paid Rs. 250 for inspection after I got the letter from them! After 20 days, when me and wife were away, a person from the agency came and checked the house. I was using a gas from my neighbour in the same apartment. Even though the rule may not permit, this is inevitable. What else you do? The person asked us to call and went away. After that, me and my wife went to the gas agency and the response was shocking, they didn’t even provided enough information and said it was cancelled. They didn’t even offered a seat to my wife considering she is 7month pregnant! They had asked us to come back next day. Today, me and my wife again went to the agency and the reply was, the person was on leave and they asked us to come back by Monday. Not sure what will be end!!! When government announce such a scheme considering people, these people are denying the rights of genuine people. I even showed my marriage certificate, so they can clearly understand how genuine our case is. I really get frustrated !

Couple of questions I am searching for answers,

  • In tamil they say, “Nenjil Iram”, “some little kindness” – why it is missing or reducing from people?
  • Respect to fellow human being? any such thing exists?
  • Customer care -?! may be a bad word here!!! too much expectations!?

I had visited few countries – like, Canada, Australia etc. where I could see high respect fellow human beings (at least to the people level). But here in India, we are hating the next person standing if we are in queue, hating the next person while on the road, hating the next person who come to us for help, hating the neighbours & fight with them for petty things!

I am wondering why & how the soo much talked great Tamil culture lost these basics.

I am answering myself saying, “if anything is available in plenty, it lacks value”. May be a basic sales & marketing statement – I am not an MBA! :)

Unfortunately in India, we have plenty of PEOPLE, so the people and their lives are not valued.

Let us show LOVE to the next person we meet !


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  1. 1

    Rajasekar said,

    Ohhh! My god…

    Hereafter I am also going to apply the gas connection, BSNL Internet connection.

    I have to take all my documents(ration card, national ID card, etc) including my “Rank Cards” from Ist standard.

    Kadavulthane Kappathanum…

  2. 2

    Prasanna said,

    Yes, day to day, the humanity is reducing. Even doing their own duty is seems to be a big thing in certain government sectors. Then how we can expect humanity.

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