Life is beautiful! – அபியும் நானும்

Life is beautiful! : this is the one line message from “அபியும் நானும்”.

image The timing of the movie is so perfect to me! I am expecting my junior shortly. And incidentally in the movie Abhi’s mother name is “ANU” :). [me and my wife looked each other when Prakash was calling anu…].

After hearing the story about how Prakash brought up his daughter, Prithvi to Prakash “என் வீடு என்னமோ பக்கந்தான், ஆனா நான் இன்னும் ரொம்ப தூரம் போகனும்னு புரிஞ்சது சார்” – ஆழமான வரிகள்!

Prakash Raj – always a perfectionist – so nothing more to say about his performance in the movie. Kamaravel, did a splendid job. For Radhamohan, it is becoming more of a habit for him to give a movie which everyone like so much.

Trisha – my favourite, was looking more beautiful in this movie – did a great job – the best of choice.

I made a reservation at Satyam – Santham Elite ! 4 tickets – 2 pair seat (me & my wife and my amma & appa) – it was a surprise for them – the “pair” seats.

Hey, a MUST see movie! don’t miss it.

Once again I have to confess, tears more than few times !!!


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    Prasanna said,

    Yes, Really its a good movie. Its perfect for u in this time :) The way the director tells the story is simply awesome.

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