BSNL – never changed!

I have been a customer of

  • ICICI Bank for the past 6 years – both Savings account and a Credit card
  • Airtel – mobile phone – 4 years
  • TATA Indicom Broadband – 2 years (not now – had to close due to home shift)

But I have been never to these offices except very few times in all these years. ICICI, I might have been to the bank 5 or less occasions, Airtel – may be couple of times, TATA – never!

We are in a e-age where we can get all works done by either phone or web. Even a money transfer to some other bank, I can do online. Any service requests like activating a service, I can just call Airtel customer care.

Even Tamilnadu government has changed – we can pay electricity bill ONLINE. I am not saying I am lazy ad want to do all from home :). Waste of time and effort if we go to their respective offices – both for us and for them too!

Now come to BSNL, I am following up with BSNL for a bill clarification. My major story about BSNL is here – still unresolved – he he.

They gave a WLL and never told about any Internet thru’ WLL. Now I got a bill saying rs.250 for an UNLIMITED (he he) CDMA Internet. Salt to the wound! ha?

I have contacted (no:1500) customer care and at least spoke a dozen people for clarification and how to connect WLL. America is easy to find surely, finding a solution with BSNL – no way!!!

After 10 to 15 days, too many people asked me to go to the Keelkattalai BSNL exchange, but how can I go with all pre-occupied works with office etc. And whether BSNL works by 24/7 to go whenever I find time after office hours?? The only option is I have to a leave and go!!! Sit there in the exchange for the whole day and find a solution!!! is it a customer care?


India should send the BSNL people for relay races – definitely they will bring the GOLD in Olympics. One number to the other – the relay going on and on and on. I have called too many accounts officers and customer care (ha ha – he he) officers.


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