"Owners of gutted building to be prosecuted for negligence" – few questions

This is about the saravana stores fire – today the news is “Owners of gutted building to be prosecuted for negligence” – informed by K R Shyam Sundar, Director Fire & Rescue operations. They arrested the manager and the supervisor.

Several questions comes to my mind – few here:

  • Can we say there is no negligence from the fire & police department side?
  • Is there any process for a regular check up for fire related licenses in complexes like these where you can expect crowd always – like a driving license check?
  • Whether this building was built over night and operated on the day of fire?
  • All other building in that area are fine with fire licenses and implemented fire proof or protection mechanism except this one?
  • why arrest the poor manager and supervisor? they are just there for a monthly salary and even if they insist on fire prevention or protection mechanism, unless the owners ready to spend, how it can happen?

வாழ்க ஜனநாயகம் !


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