Certified Kayakalpa Practitioner!

Certified Kayakalpa Practitioner! – yes, I am.

As part of leaders’ growth program, my company asked all leaders to undergo an Yoga program. It was organized by WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRE – A Non Profit Organization – Promoting World Peace.

The program was based on Shri Vethathiri Maharishi’s principles and practices. Hope you know Aliyar Temple.

It was 10 days program, each day 1.5 hrs. – we learnt about some basic simplified exercises and yoga.


Kaya means ‘body’ and Kalpa means ‘immortal’. Kaya Kalpa Yoga has a threefold objective:
• Retarding the ageing process
• Maintaining youthfulness and good health
• Delaying death until one reaches spiritual perfection.


But it’a all about belief first & then how you are practicing it.

For me, I wanted to understand yoga for a long time, so the basic is done. Whether I am truly benefited??? have no comments now, it is more of a practice and experience, let me take time to answer this….

Onething I have to mention here about the gurus came from Thiruvanmiyur Manavalak Kalai Mandram, they were too good, nice & soft, explained well before each session, i really liked the way & process it was done.

வாழ்க வளமுடன், வாழ்க வளமுடன், வாழ்க வையகம்

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