underwater Cable Cut – I am affected :)

This is my first posting from my new home. For all those who raise eyebrows, YES, I bought a new flat in Kilkatalai and moved a day before Pongal.

My existing broadband ISP TATA Indicom said my new location was not covered!!! so tried several others – like AirTel….but none worked out. Finally moved to new location without broadband.

It was tough without connectivity at home, mainly because I had to spend more time at office in the evening, otherwise I can reach home by 7pm and put in couple of hrs. from home.

Finally I got Sify….as usual they promised to install on Monday and eventually completed by wednesday…not the same week !!!

I also applied for a BSNL Dataone, but I know it would take its own course of time….

Meanwhile coming back to Sify, I am really wondering why Sify is providing such a low speed connectivity. My connection now is 128 Kbps…for Rs. 700+ / month…whereas I used 2GB connection for less than Rs.600 with TATA.

The other difference is, with TATA I used to have a router at home and a telephone cable was the input to that router. But with Sify, they brought a network cable !!! that’s interesting, no need for plug-in any additional hardware at home and provide power supply!!!

Y’day I heard about the underwater cable cut in NDTV…but thought it is affecting only Delhi and north region. But today I could able to feel the slow….but Sify did a good job in providing that info to users via a pop-up message.

Here it is:

So I am affected too !!!!


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