Taking (unfair) advantage!

I am a “GOOD GOOD” personality (“feel good”) with people! hope you understand, it’s a personality with no conflicts or avoiding conflicts or always nice to be with or adjusting a lot.

But mostly the problem starts for this kind of personality is when people try to take the advantage unfairly!

For some reason, people are not maintaining the same level of professional relationship with a set boundary which will further enhance the relationship. I have seen with friends or even with relatives.

The advantage can be in the form of asking for a help ( not about some basic help ) or asking a personal question or commenting about personal etc etc.

May be this kind of personality may show lack of ASSERTIVENESS, but I don’t think so…because when the situation demands I will be more assertive than trying to be a feel good person.

Once I found the unfair advantage is being taken, my simple way of handling is, reduce the time with the person and talk less or NEVER !

But instead, what I want to see is, even with this freedom and friendship, people show the professionalism in the way to talk or behave, that’s what I expect.

When it is not happening….I may not say to them that it did hurt me, instead I come to conclusion that those people are not matured enough to interact in a professional way or not grown up with their thought process and it is waste of my time to correct them or interact with them.

The another way to handle is…change myself to a rude behavior, then people probably will think before they speak!!! or I can avoid such situations.

So my question is, ” Is it a fault to be a feel good person?


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