Revealing a secret! How to book cheap Air Tickets?

I have travelled in Air Deccan, Jet, GoAir, Paramount (listing only domestic flightsJ).

From Chennai to Madurai, I have travelled for Rs.700. Utilizing the low cost airliner is always a pleasure. I just want to contradict that low cost airlines are off poor quality.

Many of the air travels are based on your LUCK !!! yes, you can get a costly ticket, but you won’t be assured of good travel. Ask my CEO, she had lost baggages several times with POPULAR international flights. Sometimes these low cost airlines may surprise you with on time, peaceful travel.

One of the questions I used to get often is how I am able to compare and book tickets at cheap rate? Mmmmmmmmm…that’s the secret!!! These kinds of tricks makes the other person feels like you are a great person with lot of knowledge – he he…..yes, it happens. If you have a PC & internet, you can also do the same – you only needs patience to go thru’ several websites, that’s all.

Today I have seen a website which makes this process easy and simple, with one website you can analyze & compare…Yes, here is the website…

This is still in BETA! – Beta in a s/w terminology mostly means….means….means……not usable…….:) …but this site is good though.

Next time when you have to travel down to Madurai…or going to a far off place…try this website, it may surprise you with the kind of search.

Don’t look at the fare alone; try to see how much time it saves for you too. If you can be with your family one more day or night with that extra money, then that’s more important…am I right?

Some other sites:,


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