Sri Arunodayam & Mr. Ayyappan, man with a mission


Sri Arunodayam is home for destitute children. These children are either mentally retarded or spastic and abandoned by their family.

I am proud that I know Mr.Ayyappan, Managing Trustee, Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust. He has been doing a wonderful job protecting these childrens. It is hard to understand the kind of sacrifices, but trust me, he is God’s representative.

I should be really thankful to my cousin Priya, who introduced Ayyappan to me, he is such a nice person to meet and you can never get the softness, the kindness from anybody…..such a lovely person.

I thank God for an oppurtunity to support him, but whatever we do is nothing when compared to his efforts. Anyway, I tender my request to my readers, friends, relatives, fellow bloggers…if you can do something for Sri Arunodhayam, that would be wonderful.

It is not only your money is needed, your persence is also very precious, do spend a day or atleast couple of hrs. with these kids, that would do a LOT.

For more information about Sri Arunodayam visit
It has also the contact address and 24/7 helpline.

If you wish to support financially, please visit :



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