Point 1 : Stand in line

Sometimes I had a blame India, but this is for good…I love my country and love my language Tamil more than anything else. But there are areas in which we are weak; we should accept it….and correct it.

I would like to write a series of points which our education system fail to teach….yes, I know some of them are simple and doesn’t relate to education, but from my point of view, our education system should have taught us these.

One of the things I really get annoyed – when there is a crowd and no queue.

Why not all form a queue and gets what deserved, it can be availing a service or paying bills or taking a bus or lift? And the worse follows, even there is a queue; some of the so called well educated people try to escape the queue….come on.

Just think for a moment, if we throw some eatables, animals tend to bounce on it and try to get whatever possible, why people are behaving like that even after this soo many civilizations and education?

I have seen in other countries….wow, they are too good at this and we Indians do these stupid acts.
Why I am pointing to education system is, people with highest of qualifications also never bothered about queue and people who came first etc.

In fact, I had the worst experience, once I landed in Chennai air port, couple of flights landed within short time it seems and thanks to poor air port authorities, the number of trolleys were less…and what I witnessed was, one of the worst scenario… there was confusion, noise, arguments. I hope in India, the flying population is mainly the high class people and mostly well educated…and the flights landed all are from UK, Singapore…still!?

One thing I follow is to ensure that I stand in queue whenever possible and I hate to violate this rule. But I wonder how come our education never taught us this basic rule of civilization?? Or are we busy in building a BRAIN which works only in a programmed way?

My wish to the parents and teachers, please bring some value education apart from all these non-sense a square and b square…
Let us be honest to ourselves and take a oath that we would stand in by queue and make the country beautiful.

So next time when one of you friend or relative comes late after paying bill or anything because he/she waited for others to finish….DO NOT make fun of them, Appreciate them and try to follow them. It’s not how much you know is important, how much you present or behave yourself is important.

Part of the subject leads to my next post in this series “respecting others”.

Thank you.


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    Rajakumar said,

    Partha, this event I witnessed when my brother came to Chennai to take the Entrance Exam for MBA (Distance Education) conducted by Anna University. The venue was MIT, Chroempet (may be in May or June 2007). The MBA aspirants stood on a queue to enter into the exam hall by 9:30am and it was long queue on both sides of the single entrance.

    A professor (invigilator) came there by 9:45am and he was surprised by seeing long queues. And what he told surprised me. He said, “Why you people are standing in a queue? There is no need for a queue. There is plenty of time. You are allowed into the hall only by 10:00am but the exam starts only at 10:30.”

    What was even more surprising is that nobody heeded to his words, they continued to be in the queue and entered into the hall avoiding a chaos.

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