Once upon a time in a forest..there lived 2 animals (I thougt of writing lions, but it is unfair to them). They used to be good frinds….but something happened, they started fighting. Oneday they decided to show their anger……what do you expect now??

In a normal forest…they both would choose a battle ground and have a fight to decide…. but what happened was they both went into a rampage killing several others and end of the day they were counting how many lives they have taken and decided the winner. Is that what happens only in forest???

News: Fight between Sun and CABLE Network Association and total cable network blocked out – cool?!

I have few questions:

1. When people pay for a service and if it being disconnected willfully, is that not an offence? or How the govt or consumer forum is protesting the consumer?

2. We people are paying heavily to cable TVs – are we not a consumer at all?? – and have rights to ask why we couldn’t view – that too on a Sunday when everybody wants to relax at home with family?

3. Are they going to deduct one day in the monthly amount and ask for a rental fee for 29 days this month?

4. Even TNEB announcing prior about power cuts – what about these cable cuts? NO CARE – why? whether people are beggers and they people are givers?

No Clue – India is a democratic country – VAZHGA SANANAAYAGAM.


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