Err is human, realize the err is…Simon Taufel


Simon Taufel is my favorite umpire in the ICC Elite panel. In fact I am his fan I should say and did several google searches about him. He is one of THE BEST.

To provide evidence, he won the ICC Best umpire of the year award for the past 2 years. He is from Australia, another reason I like him much !

I never saw him giving wrong decisions and sometimes I feel how he is able to watch the ball so close and decide in fraction of a second. I have seen many cases when the TV commentators used to say ball going down and by the time, Simon might have raised the finger. But in reply, you can see the ball hitting the leg stump and there is no way it can miss! So the accuracy is something great.

But all said, he is also human and bound to make some mistakes.

In the recent test match between India vs. England (2nd test – India won by 7 wkts …mainly due to super Zaheer), in the 1st innings when India was cruising along, Simon raised a finger to a ball which is coming from outside the off stumps, but no way it can hit the off stump, hit the pads of Sachin when no shot offered… Sachin couldn’t believe, stood his ground for couple of minutes and left. Then to Saurav again, the ball was clearly missing his bat when he tried to flick on the legside, but there was some noise which Simon thought from bat and raised finger…again Saurav was disappointed rightly.

Under the circumstances, these 2 are critical decisions which went against India, otherwise we could have seen yet another ton from GOD (Cricket is our religion and Sachin is our God).

But the next day, I read in newspaper that, after seeing the reply on big screen in the ground, Simon realized his mistake and even he was quoting, “Yes, that’s wrong decision”. Something never heard off in International cricket. All umpires try to justify their mistake and what Simon did was great. But he also said he would have given Saurav out every time, not sure why!? May be due to the sound it made when it crossed the batsman.

This is what came out in “The Statesman

Taufel upset about mistake

NOTTINGHAM, July 30: Australian umpire Mr Simon Taufel, who has been in the eye of a storm for giving Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly out on the third day of the second Test, has acknowledged that he was very upset to have handed a poor decision to Tendulkar. “I always look at the big screen after giving a decision. And the minute I saw the replay of Sachin’s dismissal, I knew I got it wrong,” Mr Taufel said. n PTI

Thank God, these decisions didn’t affect the result and Indians, thanks to Jelly Beans and Zaheer won the match at last. Winning against England is something special always…

Simon, you are always the best….and it is just a mistake you have done, which is unavoidable to humans, but what you did after the mistake is something great and should be followed.

Simon, all the best and I always be your fan and for your art of umpiring. Thank you.


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