Today 31-July-2007 is the last day to submit Income Tax to Government.

My forms were ready 15 days back…as usual this year I met my Auditor today morning and handed over the papers!!! Why because today is the LAST day ! to say this I feel bad…anyway

Part of the responsibility is with Maha, who sent his forms only yesterday from Kolkata. We used to give to Mr. Sundar, our Auditor together and we have been doing this for the past 3 years.

But the story doesn’t end here – doing anything at the last minute always have huge problems and we may have to face extra problems!!! Just listing some of them in this case

  1. Maha sent the papers at the very last day and there was a wrong pin code – so BlueDart said they couldn’t deliver & I have to come personally!
  2. I have to go to Blue Dart, Guindy office – Srini scooty puncture!!!
  3. When we reached Blue Dart it was 9.15pm after crossing all that traffic in kathipara and their working hrs. is only upto 9pm !
  4. We had to explain them and get that parcel and it took around 30 mins. for them to give !
  5. On the way, we went to Ratna Café in Velachery By-pass road and finished a good dinner by 11pm only to see the scooty again failed – same wheel puncture – thanks mainly to the great conditioned roads in the Guindy estate and recent rain
  6. Today morning I had to go to Auditor’s home before 9.30am and till 9am all rain, couldn’t move
  7. Finally we took an auto from velachery, went to Adyar, again only to roam around the entire place to find Auditor’s home ! it took 20 mins before we found the location !!! I have been there before – but only for tax means once in a year trip ! and I am very poor in identifying roads and memorizing the paths !
  8. I only reached office by 11am and that too skipping breakfast – had a coffee along with the auto driver

So it could have been a simple story otherwise, becomes soo complicated much like the Tax forms! Sundar was showing me the complicated forms and how a software, yes…a good software actually helping him. He entered all my details in that software and get the print out in minutes. He told WinMan’s Saral Tax software was good, but has some bugs!!! yes, bugs in business tax calculations etc. How can be a software without bugs !? if that situation made real, then more than 50% IT people lose their job! He he.

Come on…software is doing great & helping the complicated problems looks too small !

Finally, back to the title, Procrastination – means putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness. To keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring.

(This word sent by Maha thru’ SMS once I confirmed him that I have given all papers)

Is that the title suits this post!? I think YES and this becomes more of my habit too! and I hope most of us suffer from this disease. Right from booking a train ticket, paying EB, telephone bills – most of us do at the last minute!

Anyway, this has to be changed, definitely…I felt very bad today.


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  1. 1

    mahadevan said,

    nice post, lets try to resolve the next time
    , the story did not start at your end, it started at mine.
    1. Since it was only one day , i have to send by blus Dart, since it seems the only courier to deliver in a day.
    2. but the courier office is not near by, find the address and wen t there, but they have shifted but to where?
    called some friends to find but in vain, called first flight and they gave blue darts address.
    3.Blue dart is apremium service had to pay – Rs 120.
    wasted around 2 hrs on this exercise!

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