2 of the best in their own!

We meet lot of persons in our life….it can be class mates, neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues…soo many….but there are very few who can be influential in our life. They will make a definite change in the way we live, we think …and the change will turn the direction at which we are heading.

I wanted to write about such people in my life. There are many…here I am going to write about 2 of them…and I will continue this sequence.

In this post, the 2 I am going to write about is, 1. Mahadevan 2. Manickavel. Both of them are my ex-collogues in CI.

First Maha….he was my team mate, when we were running a 2 member team in the company, his project came to an end and he was transferred to our department. There is no way I can be a lead to him, but still due to the team structure I happened to be a lead. Maha, is not a regular person we can meet regularly in life, he is something unique and can’t be followed in lot of cases also !!! yes, his life style is totally different, he used to take 10 cups of coffee per day and suddenly he quit coffee for 3 months!!! He used to watch5 movies per week…all in cinema theaters, and here again….stops that for 2 months !!! can you believe this.

For a long time I used to wonder why he is doing like this, then later on I realized that he is just doing this to say “I am not addicted to it and prove I can live without that also…”, is that required for a coffee, yes, I feel he is right. One more point is, monotonous….he always breaks that monotonous living and change something, make a new beginning.

He is a perfectionist, any job he takes, you can rest assure of its quality. He would give lot of trouble, asking me to do this…that etc…ask me follow process…they all different story. His technical knowledge…nobody can ever match up…the clarity of thoughts, wow!

Can you imagine a person, after completing B.tech…take all school books from 6th to 10th, make a time table to read and go with it??? Yes, maha did that after B.tech !!!

He used to live a very very small room and you can see a chart which shows Monday – 10 glass of water, Tuesday 12…!!!??? I have seen this in his room!

Lot of things I have learnt from him….technology, approach towards a project…etc etc. sometime he used to open his bag and take a small paper and reads 50 points which needs to be completed….!!! He will think about the project and list 50 points during night!!!

Basically he is a textile engineer…but the switch he made to IT…I would say IT is lucky enough.

Now he is in Kolkata and still we share everything which happens in our life and I am really proud to earn his friendship.

2nd is Manickavel…he joined in our company as a salesperson…he was doing some local software sales…going to places in his bike…hope you know how hard it is to sell software to Indians!!! And get payment…..next to impossible.

When he joined and took over the oversees sales, it was completely new and I used to train him with some internet based demo apps like, web-ex etc. But the way he took it forward from there…is something unimaginable. Before I say anything….he left our company recently and now in US!!! The growth of a local salesperson to an international level…with short period..shows his efforts.

I am yet to see a person apart from manick with the kid of commitment to his work and client….great. I have learnt a lot from manick also, his approach towards a client, project….keeping things simple, the follow ups…superb.

Even though he is a sapesperson, his technical knowledge is too good…even that time he was the only person certified by Microsoft for VB !!!! no technical, he is a marketing person..believe me.

Manick and me travelled together…to Australia, Vietnam…and stayed together….these trip were something I can’t forget…we share a lot of happy moments….Including TANTAS!!! ( a code word which we share)….

We are actually more than office friends, we are now family friends, I used to visit his home often…his son Praveen…working with a PDA at an age of 7 !!! I came to know about a PDA only couple of years after my MCA !

I wish Manick all the very best in his business and personal life.

The good part is, both of them came to my life at the same time and now they are in different locations, but still we share the same friendship is something really good.

These 2 people made some huge impacts in my life, they way I live and the way l look things.

I wish both of them …all the very best…and to maha especially, get married soon sir, we have been waiting for a looooooongggggggg time.


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  1. 1

    mahadevan said,

    Surprise post….
    Interesting way of writing things.. over the years .. ur writing has polished .
    Its always intersting to note ‘what u r’ in someones perspective…

    u hv not mentioned manick’s accompolishment of AIR programmes!

  2. 2

    Manick said,

    Maha & Sarathy,

    Thanks for writing about me , you have also missed my accompolishments of computer Tips & tricks articles in Indian Express, still going on live for the past 4 years….


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