Sony – Surprised with customer service

Sony T11
I am having a Sony DSC T11, I bought this couple of years back in Malaysia during a transit to Australia.

The camera has been excellent, it is stylish and it is one of my best purchase decisions.

Recently I had a problem in the camera and I searched for a local service center. I found one in Adyar, Chennai and went there with the camera.

Normally with these kind of international purchases, to get local support is something next to impossible.

I went there and showed my camera, they asked the question – where did I purchase?….they filled in some forms and explained the process. The lady in the counter was excellent, she explained the cost in case of any part change etc. She also told that there used to be standard problem in Sony, in that case they would provide the support for free!!!

A day after I got a call from Sony asking me to collect my camera, i went there again. You can’t believe this, she told me that it was their standard problem and they fixed it for free !!! FREE ??!!! Yes, I got the problem fixed for free…..I didn’t even buy from a local Sony.

This is really good, I thought DELL service is always best…now Sony prooved me that I was wrong….with this incident my whole perspective of looking at Sony and Sony products has changed.

Also their service center ambiance was too good….and their process is excellent. In fact my friend asked them whether they are certified for any ISO….or something like that :-).

Thank you SONY, you have proved to be International brand. It’s time for all other companies to follow such a great model and provide support across the globe rather than charging customers for different locations.


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    Sriram said,

    Well I went to the same Service Center for my laptop, but they charged 1685.

    I guess only because it was a std problem in Sony, they gave u the service without a penny. Else they charge despite we having the warranty.

    With all the globalizations happening, its absurd that they charge for the service for imported goods, despite the inventory is in warranty period!!

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