Connected? Better Connected?? Come on Microsoft…

Better Connected is Microsoft’s new feature in VISTA and off late Microsoft is talking loud on BETTER CONNECTED applications and CONNECTED EXPERIENCES.

In the recently concluded TechMela, Mumbai – at Hotel Renaiassance, there was no Wi-Fi provided by Microsoft. But you can say, there should be Wi-Fi in a 5 Star Hotel….Yes, you are right…..Check out the price below.

For 24 Hrs. – Rs.899
For 1 hr. – Rs. 399 (for one hr.!!!)

Reminder: This conference is for developers !

Microsoft should have built a free Wi-Fi with good connectivity and bandwidth…

One of the basic thing in the connected world is E-Mail….I think Microsoft might have thought that will distract the developers from concentrating on the sessions !?

I am a blogger…and I thought I can blog from the conference and was planning for it. I think I should have asked microsoft for blogging while offline !!! may be a new feature in Windows Vista 10??!!

There may be few practical problems I understand…but Microsoft is not conducting the conference FREE OF COST!! All are paying….

Saying all this…I am not against Microsoft, I love their innovation, products, ease of use etc. But something really gone wrong in the planning of such an event.

Another big things I still couldn’t figure out is…why they have selected MUMBAI instead of Bangalore and Chennai….

I feel the crowd is less compared to last year is only due to this fact. For the final day key note, even a single room is not full – they had 3 rooms connected !

Mumbai – I feel not suitable to this kind of developer conferences. I think most developers from Chennai and Banglore missed this event due to the distance they had to travel.

The final day keynote on some “Products and Services” …by 4 people…with gavruv leading was a disaster….they were just killing the time as they had no plan on that session.

It was really sad…and looking not at all professional….and people were commenting a lot after this session….this could have totally avoided with a little bit of planning.

For the amount of money Microsoft is spending on these kind of conferences and spearkers is getting lost due to this kind of unplanned stuff.

These are all some of the NEGATIVE side of the story…I have lot more on the positive side too….on technical side, new trends etc. will post shortly.


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    Srikanthan said,

    You are right. I attended all four days (from 13th). Some of the other sessions were also not very useful. But I have about 15 pages of notes taken. Have lot of KT sessions in my company!

  2. 2

    Dear Parthasarathy,

    Thanks very much for your feedback on Tech Mela and we really enjoyed having you guys on all the days and hearing from your experiences.

    I delivered ASP.NET AJAX Sessions on the Web Platform Track and also spoke about ASP.NET Futures.

    Hope you enjoyed being a part of the session and we do take your feedbacks on the points mentioned for our future TechMela Events.


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