Coffee and Me !

I used to have atleast 4 or 5 coffee a day :-)….at home, before 8 am in the morning 2 or 3 coffee will be done. I used to take the coffee and sit outside…with the nature, green…sounds of birds, gentle breeze….sun rise….coffee times were something wonderful those days.

After moving to chennai, it was tough initially. I had no option to skip the morning coffee and attach the coffee along with the morning break fast in hotel. But later…or for the past couple of years, free coffee (OC :-))…at Periamma house is something great. Under trees…with Hindu paper….morning news in Radio…with some stories with Periamma…Yes, I got back a better coffee experiences. Sometimes after a long night if I slept beyond 7.30am, I would get a call from Periayamma/periayappa for coffee…great na. With 2 periayppa….we used to discuss everything from politics to sports…everything.

In office it is a different story…its all MACHINE made coffee…boring sometimes…but still will go for it more than 2 or 3 times. Sometimes in a single time, multiple cups !!!….With Mahadevan…we used to spent a lot of project discussion time at the coffee table…he used to have more than 10 cups / day…believe me. Lot of times in hotels, we used to order for the 2nd cup immediately…..imagine the waiter’s face with the exclamation mark on it!

Why I started the story was…..during the techmela at mumbai…Hotel Renaiassance…they kept a machine outside every hall…the quality was not good as I might have expected in a 5-star hotel.

But still it was handy…without asking for anybody…at just a click on a button (!) we can get a coffee….so during the 3 day conference like a stress tester….I clicked this button :-)


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