Windows Vista – Experience Index : What’s my score?

The Windows® Experience Index is a new feature built into Windows Vista. It is designed to help consumers understand how well Windows Vista and the software running on it will perform on a specific PC. The index achieves this by assessing the performance of the PC and assigning a score to it. The higher the score, the better the PC will perform.

The overall PC performance is represented by the base score. The base score is derived from 5 sub-scores for each of the following 5 attributes:

·         Processor

calculations per second

·         Memory

operations per second

·         Graphics

desktop performance for Windows Aero graphics

·         Gaming graphics

3D graphics performance. Useful for gaming and 3D business applications

·         Primary hard disk

The data transfer rate of the primary hard disk

The Windows Experience Index is useful for the following:

1. When buying a new PC, it is useful for determining the quality of the Windows experience a buyer can expect from a particular PC.

2. When upgrading a PC, the index is useful for estimating the overall improvement a PC user can expect to get when replacing or adding a new hardware component.

3. When buying software, the software package may include the recommended Windows Experience Index base score a PC should have in order to run the particular software application well. If a PC has that score or a higher one, the software will run well on it.

The scale of the Windows Experience Index ranges from 1 to 5.9. The higher the score for a particular performance area, the better performance you can expect from that area.

To better understand the index, please read on

I am using 2 machines – one at my office, a HP Desktop PC and another one is my Laptop at Home, Dell Latitude D820. I am running Vista in both the machines – look at the index ! – my productivity at home is more than that of in office !? :-)

In fact both these machines are not old – age may be 1 yr. – still see the index !!! imagine what could be the score for your old home computers! its a race between harware and software, but we are loosing out from our pocket for UPGRADES.

vista index

I would love to use a machine with 5.9, lets see when I get such an oppurtunity.


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  1. 1

    Mahadeevan said,

    The article was useful, but i see most of that is cut and paste from the original, your test images are good addon.
    But if you could have given the steps on how to wfind the Experience index,.. like click start-go to control panel… etc., could have been better.

  2. 2

    Sarathy said,

    Thank you for the comment, yes, i thought it is a good article to have copy and paste :-).

    To find the Index, From the DESKTOP right click on the MY COMPUTER and select PROPERTIES. The first screen will show the INDEX value.

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