Fly Away Home

I have been reading wonderful piece of articles in the weekly tamil magazine “Ananda Vikatan” – titled with “Word Cinema” by writer Chezhiyan. He used to write about some wonderful stories from world cinema, mostly from chineese and middle east.

Me and my friend, Suresh (maths lecturer in an engg college) used to discuss about each movie and then do lot of net search about the movies and share our views. To quote, 2 files – “Not One Less” and “Cyclist”.

We always wanted to write such an article kind of stuff for tamil movies and we used to discuss again about which are all the films can be considered for writing such articles – again to name few, “Iruvar”, “Rhytham” etc. May be I have to write a separate blog on such movies.

Basically our attraction is good movies and language is not a barrier.

One such movie I watch today is “Fly away home”.


I am sure this movie will feature in the best “world cinema”. Thanks to Sony PIX channel and their ads, I happened to see this movie. Sunday, 10 am is a good time to start a movie – no disturbances – and I really saw this movie from the first frame to the last without even distracting myself to other channels :-), something very very unusual.

Coming to the movie, it is a movie about a family of orphaned geese who lost their way and a 14 year old kid who will lead them home.

It’s a story about a young motherless girl (Amy) who rescues some wild goose eggs and basically becomes their mother. The story evolves as the goslings grow into young adult birds ready to fly south. Since they never had parents the geese haven’t learned to fly. The girl’s dad thinks he can get them to fly by following him in his ultra-light. But they will only follow Amy. So dad teaches her to fly. Soon the geese are flying. Next, dad and Amy hatch a plot to fly south and have the geese follow them.

Another reason I couldn’t stop watching the movie was the stunning performance by Anna Paquin, the 16-year old girl who played Amy.

A surprising thing happened as I watched Amy and her geese. I could sense a startling serenity from her as the bond had developed between them. I wondered how she could manage that. She was only a 16-year old actress then but she conveyed a mothering instinct that goes back to the ageless beginnings of life on this planet. When the goslings were following her around, much of the photography was from ground level.

Later when they were all flying, the photography was right there in the flying formation. You were seeing the birds, in flight, right next to you. The beauty of motion was unbelievable. I thought, ‘How could anyone shoot these creatures?’ There is beauty in seeing them fly. There is beauty in seeing them in their habitat. But the overwhelming beauty is in their living.

At the end of the movie when Amy and her kids arrived at their destination, I really had tears.I hope this will movie will be repeated in Sony PIX, please do watch…something great I would say.


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  1. 1

    Sarada said,

    Your write up about this movie really makes me want to see it immediately. Let me try to find out how to see it.

    Also, you have a nice way of writing out, there is a poetry even in prose. I really like your style.

  2. 2

    mahadevan said,

    Llike sarada madam has commented, this particular blog write up is quiet different, something which has come out from deep within.Let me see the movie

  3. 3

    Jayalakshmi said,

    Nicely written blog. And Chezhiyan too gives a clear picutre of what to expect from those special movies. Wish we were a member of some good cine club to watch such gems. Or live in a big city to be a member of such clubs.

    Meanwhile I get my tears and laughs by watching Hollywood goodies like Shawshank Redemption, Fried green Tomatoes, The Brave one(Jodie Foster) etc.

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