Too many communication options!!!

communicationI was just checking some unwanted !!! s/w to be removed to increase the speed of my DELL Laptop. Interestingly I found that I am using too many communication s/w….

to!, MSN (both for friends as well as official), Skype (for voice call – clients), Outlook (official mail configed), Outlook Express (personal mails…like gmail..vsnl IDs)… this too many????

Already we are very well connected by mobile! too many ways people can disturb us !!! where is our time going ?!

Please do check your system…too many communication option means your time free for others !!!! anytime, anywhere……


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    Mahadevan said,

    The Problem of Over Choice – As “Alvin Toffler” in his book “Future Shock” predicted some 20 years back, that problem we may face in future is “Over choice”.

    If we have One Programming language and one OS the choice is easy, but if you have 100’s of programming languages, then your client is going to ask the Pros and Cons of all when you are deciding on which one!
    Or if you have 100 device to choose, you have to make a document!

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    பிரியா said,

    what u r saying is right

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