SAARANG 2007 – Disappointed with Sukhwinder Singh

Always Jan month one thing we should not miss is IIT Chennai’s SAARANG. I used to go to the Pro shows, mostly Indian music !!! I love the lyrics more than the music ! so, language is a barrier for me.

This year, I went to Sukhwinder Singh’s popular nite – program should have started by 7…but not sure about the reason…by 7:30 some other “X” was on the stage singing few songs !!! Sukhwinder came late :-) GREAT!

If I am right, IIT Chennai is in Tamilnadu….an artist like Sukhwinder should have planned and practiced few tamil songs…he know he is going to face a huge tamil audience !!! but strangely though, he started with hindi and ended with hindi !!! in between only one telugu song…got a huge response, still Sukhwinder was unable to understand the crowd….come on, artists should judge the crowd…that’s basics!!!

2 years back I went to same SAARANG – same kind of a show by KK. Amazing ! the way he controlled the audience was something fantastic….like a magician he controlled the audience.

So in my opinion, it was waste time & money….Anyway I appreciate the efforts by the IIT guys. Great and clean work.


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    IITian said,

    The thing is that IIT is not made up of only Tamils. Infact Tamils form a minority with less than 10% population. So, it would be logical not to cater to just the 10% population, wouldn’t it?

  2. 2

    Sarathy said,

    Yes, agreed…but this Pro shows is not only for IITians, it is for the staff and family & publics also…right? within SAARANG competitions, any lang is fine…

    Also the point that when you visit a new land, it is a nice feeling to use the local lang.!!! not sure how Sukhwinder forgot this!

    As an artist when you perform, you have to see the audience response!!! i think you will agree how that one telugu song got a response.

    he should have sung atleast one tamil song and should have watched the audience reaction….

    also, since I was there for a KK program 2 years back, I know the response for tamil songs…….

    Sukhwinder missed another trick….for a good melody the crowd used to dance with their mobiles, it was a stunning experience with all lights switched off – KK did that…he sang a melody and when he saw the crowd dancing with mobile lights, he asked to switch off all lights!!! that few moments was simply amazing…….here also when Sukhwinder started a melody i could see people dancing with mobiles, but ONCE AGAIN Sukhwinder falied to capitalize !!! POOR Sukhwinder!

    U Agree?

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    Mahadevan said,

    Yes, I agree mostly with Sarathy…
    Population of Regional students at IIT chennai, may be less, but the event caters to local audience, and i dont think, any one outside, chennai, or Tamilnadu may even be aware of this event (Except.. some college students..)
    And also we are not expecting MJ to sing a Tamil Song..

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