International Association of Software Architects (IASA) – Launch, Chennai

Today I am off from office !!! no clients, no projects….

I went to IASA Luanch at Taj (it’s a good one, food is also fine)…really IASA guys made is beautiful. It was a good show by them. Basically IASA is a non-profit organization….brining the SA community together, build web contents, Education details etc…and make some impacts in the Industry.iasa.JPG

About the day…Paul Preiss, President – IASA made a good comparison between the building architect and the software architect…..building architect know how to make the cement mix and apply on the wall???, then why SA need to know technology? Rather interesting question!!!

But then….Aaron Tan Dani, The Chairman for IASA – Asia Pacific & Anand Mukundan, Chennai Chapter Head (from Polaris) was talking in length about technology (SOA)……I think these people really influenced by technology. Anand even had code samples !!!I think from an Indian point of view, it will take another decade or two for the corporate to understand a SA need not be a techi-guy!!!

Aaron, from Singapore did a good presentation…with his own accent …was a good one.Some other sessions are SaaS by Vivek (India head for IASA) and SOA by Anand. They had a panel discussion on SA’s opportunities. Seems a good career option, but need lot more experience on domain, technology, I personally feel.

The panel had people from Oracle, IBM…..they said they are haunting for SA!!! Cool. This show done by Shankar from Satyam.Finally the panel concluded that a good SA needs the following:·        

Learn ability·         Broadness·         A good mentor·         Challenge himself/herself·         Be the guy in own area

Hey…they gave a nice laptop bag …. Was a perfect new year gift. Some of the photos….iasa1.JPGiasa2.JPGiasa3.JPGiasa4.JPG


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  1. 1

    mahadevan said,

    is Paul Preiss commenting seriously! i dont believe,
    even if he is , we need to clarify what he means by technology?.. does he maen writing Dim a as String or knowledge that such a technology exist we can scan bar code and integrate and use in our application.
    (may be he will not know how to do that.. like applying in the wall.. but he definitely know, they use cement or any other alternative)
    Also the dynamics and exposure phased by the software architect is very differnt from a building architect and sometime i feel even the metaphor comparison is itself relevent?

  2. 2

    Sarathy said,

    yes, what he means is, it is a professional job, somebody from college should be able to learn it and act as a SA ! this is what he means…

    he said, it should be a like a typical building architect job! building arch..know how to make the sand – cement mix and apply!!??

  3. 3

    Paul Preiss said,

    First I want to thank you for attending the event. We will be doing a lot more, but I hope you got something out of it.

    To clarify, it is not that I believe IT architects dont have to understand technology. Software Architects must understand software at a deep level, but I also believe that someday they will not have to be programmers first to know enough. Developers are good at what they are good at, writing good code and designing good systems. Architects are simply good at something else; technology strategy. We must be able to work with/beside the development team. We must understand what they are doing and to do so must understand sound software engineering practices. Just like Infrastructure Architects must understand operations management, networking, etc. But the question is do we have to be programmers first. My analogy was, do building architects have to be construction workers first? Do structural engineers have to be construction workers? Both are accepted professions with significant education, knowledge, etc. I believe IT arch will become the same.

    I want you to know however that it will be our members who decide our direction on this. IASA is not a means for me to get my voice heard, but one for you to get yours heard.

  4. 4

    mahadevan said,

    Answers to following may help us:
    1.How many members in the IASA now are from developer background and how many are not?
    2.Will the IASA will allow someone who don’t have a development background as a member?

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