A man with charm & customer centric

5-Aug-2006: A day with a difference definitely. We had the opportunity to host Mr.Himanshu Palsule, Sage Software senior vice president and general manager, Mid-Market Accounting Solutions (ACS). I really proud to present him about my team and the products we develop in a meeting at Savera. As always, the technology attracted him and he had thrown few questions at me. Secret news, he was using a Blackberry!!!

Coming back to the main point which I wanted to share, Mr.Himanshu’s speech. Wow! He has the power of attracting the audience and make them listen to him for a long time. His ideas and thoughts were excellent and the way he communicates makes all the difference.

He was really appreciating Chennai for its infrastructure and planning (referring a comparison with Pune and Delhi). Anyway Chennai has to go a long way in building the roads, infrastructure.

In his speech he was asking “what is the highest valued place now?” !!! I was thinking that he might be referring to some city or some place in US……but it’s GOOGLE’s home page ! where every company wanting their ads to be there.  No surprises right?

I am really happy to understand that he is so much customer centric…because my previous project manager used to complain me that I am spending too much time with customers and their supports.

Even in the Google’s case, google can get few million business if they allow ads in their home page, but they didn’t….they want the users to get a simple, faster first page when they come for searching something.

In the evening, he did a guest lecture at Gratelakes at Saidepet and I was lucky enough to get in there. The hall was full with management students. The way he controlled them and interacted with them during the session was simply amazing.  The topic was again focused on Customer !!! some of the examples he was pointing out on the customer care was simply superb.

The key point in that speech was “India has the advantage now and we should keep the standards in order to compete with countries like China” – yes, it’s true. We need to improve our quality and the service levels.

For some reason, we Indians have been very poor in providing services and getting the services.

We can see this in several places, when we go a ticket counter, the person at the counter never used to be friendly and the same way we can see the person trying to get a ticket fighting with him….we can see the same at hotels where the guest shouts for something and the supplier repeating the same to the customer.

Back to the lecture, there was a discussion on Google!!! This time on a discussion on competitors, few years before there was no google, from nowhere they could able to create a whole revolution and gave  nightmare to Bill Gates !!! and every business has to be careful enough to compete or fight with these kind of competitors….(even Microsoft is unable to handle !!!!). He made a good point for the management students, google’s annual budget for advertisements — can you imagine, it is ZERO…no where you can see this in any management or product selling books !

At the end of the day, I went to him and said thanks with a million dollar worth handshake.

No wonder why this person is one among the top in the leading software company.

Thank you Mr. Himanshu Palsule for making the day a perfect one.


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    Rayna Palsule said,

    That’s my dad! I love him so much!

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