Painful times!


Painful time – remembering the kids

The Hindu, July 18, 2004: KUMBAKONAM, JULY 17. The toll in Friday’s fire accident at a school in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu has gone up to 90.

2 years gone, still the incident is in fresh in memory. With the 2nd year anniversary tomorrow, I am really worried about the action points that has been implemented and the follow ups. Is our schools really safe for kids? Whether the government is serious on providing safe place for the kids? I don’t think so; especially the schools run by these privates who are wanting to make money.

At this point, it is upto the parents to decide whether the school is really safe and having good environment etc. PLEASE DO SPEND TIME TO VISIT THE SCHOOLS AND CHECK, AFTER ALL ITS YOUR FUTURE.

I want to place President Abdul Kalam poem in memory of children killed in TN blaze .

Oh dear little ones! Oh dear little ones!
For you, parents had glorious dream!
And You were all immersed in your own dreams
Yet, Agni engulfed you and all those dreams
Taking you to Almighty’s divine presence
Usually, departed old parents are buried by sons
Whereas, Kumbakanam, saw a sad scene!
Crying parents burying burying their little ones!!
Oh Almighty! show your grace on those little ones
And keep them in Thy holiest presence!!
Oh Almighty! bless those parents wailing in grief
To have the strength to bear this great loss
May Thy compassion and grace pervade all souls
And bring down the pain and wipe away the tears
Oh Almighty! show your grace on those little ones”

I want to convey sincere condolences to all the family members who unfortunately lost their dear ones. Secondly, we pray to the God to rest all the departed souls in peace and also pray to the Great God to give all the family members the necessary courage to tide over the saddest occasion.


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